Just Speak Out is a website designed to elicit comments and promote discussion of current topics relevant to today’s ever-changing political and social environment. Whether you describe yourself as Liberal, Conservative, Independent, or anywhere else along the points of the spectrum, your voice is welcome here.  It is the different points of view that are appreciated and certainly enliven the discourse.

About your Moderator:  I developed this site because I firmly believe it is imperative that Americans speak out when we feel others are failing to live up to their responsibilities.  Whether it be the promises made by and ethical standards of our elected representatives, the media taking sides, moral leaders imposing their will without the benefit of living what they preach, or simply those in a position of power who abuse the public trust.   I have always been interested in the political process in America.  I believe it is our responsibility to voice our opinions whenever we believe it is warranted.  Opinions vary.  Beliefs and values also vary.  Without open and honest discussion, no one will ever know the voice of the people.

However, do not be surprised with what you read from my posts.  I tend to lean conservative with a slight Constitutional Libertarian streak that sneaks out quite often.  With that in mind, the only way to get me to see other points of view is to put them out there and Just Speak Out with what you believe.    Hopefully, others will get involved and keep the conversation going.


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