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Your Moderator at JUSTSPEAKOUT reserves the right to delete posts and deny access to anyone who fails to live up to a standard of clean and honest discussion free of hate. Keep it clean, keep the hate to yourself and most of all,  respect the opinions of others.

As a proponent of the 1st Amendment, it would be unfair of me to then censor comments. Now, with that said, there will be every effort made to leave each and every post “as is” and I would prefer to let others point out inappropriate comments and let the conversation  progress to its logical conclusion.

We also like to think that the real answers are out there somewhere.  If someone writes BS, then go find the truth and bring it back.  If you have a good link to a site, references on posted comments, or just a good site that we would all benefit from, feel free to add it in!

 Spam:  Don’t do it!

Privacy: Any and all personal information collected on this site via private communications (email to the JUSTSPEAKOUT staff) is confidential. Names, e-mail addresses or any personally identifying information will not be released, sold, given out, given away, left in a trash bin, or in any way released to other parties. Of course, if you post anything personal, then it is out there for anyone to see and to use. We are not responsible if you post or release anything on this site that you want kept confidential.

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